The eco friendly choice for your christmas tree

Frequently asked questions

As this is a new service and some of you will be first time Eco Christmas Tree customers,
it is understandable that you may have some questions.

Q - Can I keep my tree?
A - Yes, of course we would love you to keep your tree. Order the upgrade to buy on your order page for $20 and the tree is all yours to keep for Christmas's to come.

Q - What happens to the tree after it's collected?
A - Our trees are replanted each year, where they continue to grow and exchange C02 for Oxygen.

Q - How long can I keep my tree?
A - Tree rental means that you can kepp your tree for as short or as long as you want over the Christmas season.

Q - Can I use Christmas lights on the tree?.
A - Yes you can use lights on your live tree. Just follow the safety instructions as provided by the manufacturer.